Iss Ramadan Mei App K Atyaat Badlay Zindagi

“Show mercy to the people on earth, the One in heavens (Allah) will show mercy on you,” says Prophet Mohammed PBUH – Ibn e Daud, Kitab ul Adab 4941

Shifa Foundation has been working for three decades to fulfil the divine mandate of helping humanity. In this journey, your assistance played a vital role to make a valuable difference.

Shifa Foundation’s team is once again all geared up to share the blessings of this month with our needy brothers and sisters. This Ramadan too, your support will help Shifa Foundation in taking care of thousands of underprivileged fellow countrymen in these categories:

FEED A POOR FAMILY – Food for daily wagers

Nearly 40 million people in Pakistan do not get adequate food. About 44 percent of children are stunted, 32 percent are underweight and around 50% of women and girls develop anemia due to insufficient intake of required nutrients. The rising inflation and unemployment rate in Pakistan are further increasing the vulnerabilities of underprivileged families.  

Shifa Foundation, under its FEED THE POOR initiative provides monthly ration packages to hundreds of poor families and daily wagers with the help of donations (Zakat and Sadaqaat) received from its generous donors.

 Your donations help us provide food to the needy families for



SIP OF LIFE -Installation of Water Handpumps

Globally, water and sanitation crises claim more lives than war through weapons. In Pakistan 21 million people do not have access to safe water while 53000 children die each year from waterborne diseases.

To date, Shifa Foundation has installed hundreds of handpumps in the most underprivileged and far-flung communities of Pakistan. Hundreds of families previously used to fetch water from distint ponds but now they have access to clean drinking water in their communities which is no less than a blessing for them.

Help us to provide clean drinking water to the underprivileged communities.




Did you know, Pakistan is the hub for the world’s 15 most deadly diseases, including malaria, cancer, hepatitis, dengue, ischemic heart diseases among others.

An early diagnosis can prevent serious complications. Shifa Foundation believes that thousands of human lives could be saved if poor patients have access to early diagnosis and timely treatment.

Shifa Foundation with the help of your generous donations is able to carry out the treatment of patients under

  • Cataract (Eye-Sight Restoration Surgeries)
  • Life Saving Surgeries
  • Cancer Hope
  • Head & Neck Cancer Treatment
  • Liver Care

Shifa Foundation Aims provide Quality care for all and save precious lives. Sponsor IPD,OPD treatments of deserving for as little as

RS 1,000



 Cataract is a blinding disease that can affect any age group but is most common among elderly people. In Pakistan, there are an estimated 570,000 adults who are blind due to cataract. Almost one in five people between the ages of 65 and 74, and one in two people older than 75 years have this disease.

Shifa Foundation provides FREE state-of-the-art treatment services to needy cataract patients at Shifa International Hospital. So far, hundreds of needy patients have have been treated free of cost.

Sponsor Cataract Surgery and help restore the eyesight of a deserving patient for as little as

RS 33,500



 Shifa Foundation strives to alleviate the suffering of needy patients in underprivileged communities across Pakistan.

Healthcare , a fundamental need of humans has always been top priority of Shifa Foundation. Shifa Foundation has served millions of poor patients in various regions of the country,however, many are still in need. Shifa Foundation needs your support to arrange medicines and doctors for the outreach medical camps in needy areas.

Sponsor medical camp to provide OPD services, medicines and other care in underprivileged area.

RS 130,000

According to World Health Organization, 95% of people infected with Hepatitis C can be cured within 2 to 3 months with high effective Direct Acting Antivirals (DAA) drugs. Millions of underprivileged patients deny treatment of HCV just because the cost of these medicines are unaffordable for them. However, Shifa Foundation realizes the importance of good health, therefore, it strives to provide top-tier services for the needy patients. Your contributions can help patients continue their journey towards a better and healthy life.


Head and Neck cancers are one of the most common cancers in Pakistan. These cncers are mostly discovered at a later stage which is why their prognosis is difficult. Later stage head and neck cancers are difficult to manage and treatment is costly for the patients. Shifa Foundation and ENT department of Shifa International Hospital work together, not only to provide assistance to patients in their treatment but also raise awareness about Head and Neck cancer.


Diagnosing cancer at its earliest stages often provides the best chance for cure. Unfortunately, cancer is mostly diagnosed in the later stages due to lack of awareness about its early symptoms. Delay in diagnosis and treatment leads to rapid progression of cancer and the treatment also becomes costlier. 

Shifa Foundation with the help of Oncology department of Shifa International Hospital provides early diagnosis and treatment services, free and subsidized rates to poor patients.


Bone marrow produces important blood cells including red blood cells , white blood cells and platelets. Damaged marrow can slow or stop the production of healthy blood cells. This can affect the flow of oxygen throughout the body, weaken the immune system or can lead to excessive bleeding. Shifa Foundation provides assistance to poor bone marrow patients who can’t afford treatment.


During the flood emergency of 2022,more than 33 million Pakistanis were affected by floods in Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and southern Punjab. 

Shifa Foundation provided humantarian aid to flood affected areas of KPK, Sindh and Punjab focusing on multiple interventions including WASH, Nutrtion and food distribution with the help of our partners like UNICEF, WFP,BISP, support from the Provincial and Federal government and our generous individual donors.

In the wake of any destruction worldwide,  Shifa Foundation will stand with the victims and provide immediate relief.

Donation Details

CauseDetailsClick to Donate
Feed a Poor FamilyOne Month Food Package
Sip of lifeInstallation of Handpumps
Sponsor Cataract SurgeryEye-Sight Restoration Surgery
Sponsor Patient’s General Treatment.Treatment of patient
Cancer HopeTreatment of General Cancer Patients
Head and NeckTreatment of Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Liver CareTreatment of Liver Disease Patients
Liver TransplantLiver Transplant of a Patients
Kidney TransplantKidney Transplant of a Patients
Head and Neck CancerTreatment of Patients suffering from Head and Neck Cancer
Radiation OncologySponsor Radiation treatment
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