Life-Saving Treatment Support Program - Shifa Foundation

Life-Saving Treatment Support Program

Let’s crowdfund to sponsor life-saving surgeries and medications of critical patients

Shifa Foundation in Pakistan provides financial support to thousands of non-affording and partially affording patients who require urgent life-saving surgeries. The Patients’ Sponsor Team at Shifa Foundation rigorously assesses each patient for Zakaat, Sadaqah, and General Donations eligibility before registering and launching a fund-raising campaign.

Shifa Foundation registered patients are not charged at the Shifa International Hospitals, Ltd. for specialist consultancy fee both in OPD and IPD, nursing fee, Medical Officer fee, and anesthetist fee. Highly subsidized rates are charged for the diagnostics services, OT, wards, and surgical and medical supplies, and medicines. These significant discounts on treatment charges enable Shifa Foundation to support a large number of patients with limited funds.

To expand the life-saving surgical and medical interventions, Shifa Foundation invites you to participate in the crowdfunding on regular basis and play your part in saving humanity!

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