Shifa Foundation has four tiered structure i.e. Development experts at the leadership and governance level, Sector Specialists at the management and execution level, qualified and experience staff at the implementation level, and community groups/activists/volunteers at grassroots level. Board of Governors (BoG) makes policies and supervise the implementation of these policies. Executive Director is the Head of the organization and execute policies of the organization through sector specialists and their teams while Project Managers/Coordinators are working at field level to implement the projects as per the project design. Community Groups and volunteers support the project interventions in their respective areas.


Shifa Foundation has an independent and involved Board of Governors (BOG). It’s the highest forum that provides the overall strategic guidance to the organization. The ToR’s of BOG and its constituent bodies are well-defined and documented. It also approves the long and midterm Strategic Action Plans (3-5 years) of Shifa Foundation to set an overall goal for the organization. The annual operation plans of Shifa Foundation are derived from these Strategic Action Plans.


The Executive Committee is the executive decision-making body of Shifa Foundation and the primary forum in which the members make their decisions. It oversees the breadth of SF’s work and is responsible for taking forward performance improvement and change agendas.


Shifa Foundation’s Audit Committee is an operating committee of the board of Governors charged with oversight of financial reporting and disclosure. Committee members are drawn from members of the board with addition of Financial Professionals. The Chairperson is selected from among the committee members.


The Compliance Unit of Shifa Foundation is an independent entity directly reporting to Board of Governors (BoG). The compliance unit consists of Compliance Manager and Internal Auditor who manage and oversee control systems to prevent or deal with violations of legal guidelines and internal policies. The Compliance Unit identify gaps regarding policy formulation and implementation, conduct Risk Assessment, Internal Audit and report to audit committee to ensure transparency of work and smooth functioning of the ongoing activities.


Accounting practices are derived from the accounting manual which is based on Generally Accepted Account Principles (GAAP). The foundation is audited annually by a reputable audit firm.   The software solution for accounting system is oracle based and was prepared by Sidat Hyder.