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SCOPE: Cultivating Competence By Delivering Skills

Sponsor Patient Treatment

Donate Rs. 500 per patient to provide specialized health care to 100,000 indigent patients

Lockdown-Sponsor A Family

Bettering health through resource mobilization of nutritious packages across several areas

Crowdfund to save lives

Let's crowd fund to sponsor life saving surgeries and medications of critical patients

Shifa Cancer Hope

Let's crowd source to sponsor life saving treatments of cancer patients

Donate Rs.15,500 to support one cataract surgery


Help people continue their journey towards a healthy and prosperous life


Donate for the education, accommodation and healthcare of
deserving students at The Hub Cadet College .

Sponsor a Student

Donate for healthy and clean drinking water, for deserving people
in Thar


Prevention and better care however is always a better and safer option


Health-care shouldn’t have to be complex. It’s a RIGHT, and it’s important.

Our Vision

To become the role model in the world of charity services by offering highly transparent, efficient, and valuable modes of support financially, in kind, and other services to the underprivileged members in the society without any discrimination, and while preserving their human dignity and self-respect.

Our Mission

“To Shape The Future Of The Underprivileged Communities By Promoting Health And Development.”

  1. Supporting affordable and accessible skills development and education systems and programs for children and youth.
  2. Supporting development of safe drinking water supply schemes.
  3. Supporting development of sanitation and sewerage systems
  4. Supporting livelihood support programs for lowest income individuals particularly women or children heading households, widows, and orphans.
  5. Continuous Professional Development.
Core Values

– Transparency (Amanah) and Accountability

– Dignity and self-respect

– Collective responsibility

– Quality


Funds Raised

Target Funds
  1. Shifa Foundation Clinic
    Support us to provide healthcare to
    100,000 non-affording patients

  2. Sponsor Cure For Cataract
    Light up the lives of those who are intended to darkness
  3. Shifa Cancer Hope
    Crowd Funding For Cancer Treatment
  1. Food For Daily Wagers
    Support us to provide Food to 2773 Families of Daily Wagers
  2. Donate Kidney Transplant
    Health-care shouldn’t have to be complex. It’s a RIGHT, and it’s important
  3. Shifa Liver Transplant
    Raise Funds For Liver Transplant
  1. The Hub Cadet College
    Support us to provide Education to 3 non-affording students
  2. Help the Thirsty
    Donate to Quench The Thirst

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Our Partners/Donors

Shifa Foundation expresses its deepest gratitude to government line departments , its donors and partner organizations for their moral, financial, technical and in kind support and facilitation to help the underprivileged communities and address their unmet needs with honor and dignity.

Shifa Foundation honors the contribution of its partners and their commitment to the noble cause to alleviate poverty, overcome malnutrition and health issues, improve quality of education and literacy rate, provide clean drinking water and improved sanitation, strengthen the coping mechanism of the communities and create an enabling environment for all.

The generous support of partners has repeatedly played a key role in our success to extend our services and facilitation in terms of thematic and geographical expansion.

There is no way to fully express our gratitude for their support, however Shifa Foundation is continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of its partners and donors who supported and strengthened Shifa Foundation to achieve its targets and combat social issues.

Shifa foundation has strong community acceptance and donors trust due transparency of work (good governance) and demonstrated capacity in implementation. SF remained in partnership with World Bank, WHO, UNOCHA, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, Concern Worldwide, Accelerated Action Plan (AAP), Nutrition International, Care International, Nutrition Sindh Program, Health Care Commission Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Asian Development Bank.

Besides aforementioned collective funding by government, International organizations and UN agencies, Shifa Foundation has also a global outreach of individual funders within the country and abroad to donate for charity and supporting poor and deserved families in terms of food packages, health, nutrition and education to elevate the living standard of underprivileged communities.