Shifa Center of Professional Excellence (SCOPE)

Shifa Center of Professional Excellence (SCOPE) is the standalone learning and training arm of the Shifa Foundation, established with the fundamental goal to strive for excellence in medical teaching, professional learning, and encouraging research ventures.

To elevate capacity building, the Shifa Center of Professional Excellence (SCOPE) aims at cultivating professional competence and performance by delivering skills and knowledge to learners.

Our Mission

To be the nation’s state-of-the-art continuing learning and training facility in education, innovation, and research.

To accomplish this mission, we apply evidence and best practices from the education and implementation sciences to develop and evaluate activities that initiate to improve the skills, strategy, and performance ultimately creating better health outcomes.

Our Objectives

  • To learn, grow, and transform through quality education and training.
  • To achieve excellence in teaching-learning and research projects.
  • To undertake collaborative projects with academia and industries.
  • To provide quality learning that is strategic, measurable, and effective.
  • To enhance the ability of aspiring professionals to train people for the role they are taking, the role they are in, and the role they want.

Our Programs

  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Research & Ethics
  • Training and Development
  • Life Support Training
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