Winter can pose challenges for numerous individuals, particularly those who lack access to warm clothing or a comfortable place to sleep at night. To aid those in need during the winter season, Shifa Foundation has launched a new campaign “Spread the Warmth” it concentrates primarily on impoverished families, homeless individuals, and marginalized communities who lack sufficient resources to stay warm. Special attention will be given to families with children, elderly persons, and individuals with disabilities. Our primary aim for the winter drive is to supply warm blankets and clothing to those who require them. The Shifa Foundation team will initially identify homeless individuals and low-income families. Subsequently, we will gather new or gently used blankets and winter garments and, with the assistance of volunteers, develop a distribution plan to ensure they reach the intended recipients. By distributing blankets and warm clothes, this initiative aims to provide comfort, support, and a sense of community solidarity during challenging times. Furthermore, we will also place emphasis on raising awareness about the issues of homelessness and poverty within our community. At a cost as low as 10,000/PKR, per family, we aim to provide families with blankets, unisex sweaters, gloves, and other winter essentials. Through collaboration and collective efforts, we can ensure that no family is left without the necessary warmth they deserve during the winter season.
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