Health Care Situation in Pakistan and Shifa Foundation’s Free Medical Camps

Health care is an important factor for the determination of the wellbeing of a country’s inhabitants. Better health ensures better living standards of a society which means more productivity of the working class and accelerated development. Unfortunately, healthcare sector is on a downfall in Pakistan since many years. Health care delivery system in the country is being operated by the public and private sector. Inhabitants of urban areas are facilitated with easily accessible health care facilities but the people in rural areas have no access to proper medical care facilities. People living in rural areas of Pakistan either live away from medical care facilities or they cannot financially afford better health care. For the ease and welfare of these communities, Shifa Foundation regularly organizes free medical camps in these areas.

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29.5 percent of Pakistan’s population is living below the poverty line. More than 70 million people in Pakistan earn less than $2 a day. Around 78% of the population has to pay for their medical care out of their pocket. This 78% also contains the people who earn a mere monthly income of 5 to 6 thousand rupees which is used to pay for food, utilities, transportation and for their child’s education. In this situation illness in the family is no less than a life threat. Their financial condition does not allow them to get treatment for a minor disease.

Terrible Health Care Conditions

In Pakistan, numerous endeavors have been made to enhance the health care framework, yet simultaneously it isn’t empowering. The major medical problems are because of lack of knowledge, poor eating habits, water contamination and cleanliness issues prompting transmittable and non-transferable diseases. Poor health care facilities are additionally bringing about deterioration of health of underprivileged individuals of Pakistan. Because of the lack of nursing staff and specialists for rural regions, consistently a large number of children die amid birth or on the off chance that they survive, they experience the ill effects of a couple of infections. The expanding number of heart patients for the most part including youngsters experiencing inborn heart diseases is disturbing. The death rate of mothers is also high since they are treated by midwives with no expert information.

Pakistan is ranked 149th out of 179 countries on the Maternal Mortality Ratio Index. Minor diseases like Pneumonia kills approximately 92,000 children every year. The country has the third highest rate of infant mortality in the world. There are considerable challenges to mother and child health in Pakistan and these issues can all be attributed to poverty. The government hospitals that are providing free treatment are not sufficient in terms of facilities. There is only one hospital bed for 1580 patients in Pakistan. Patients who need to be treated through surgeries are added to a long awaiting list and are given an appointment for the next year. Most of the people die or get worse when the time of surgery arrives. Shifa Foundation’s free medical camps are helping these people at their door steps. It is providing them with basic health care facilities.

Shifa Foundation’s Free Medical Camps

Shifa Foundation, established in 1991 as a not for profit organization is attempting to ease human enduring by enabling underprivileged communities of Pakistan. The organization being a PCP (Pakistan Center for Philanthropy) authorize association is committed to empower the deprived children, women, families and needy communities. It works to help them understand their basic rights to well-being, education, and citizenship with poise.

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For the betterment of healthcare situation in needy communities of Pakistan and to provide medical care to poor patients on their door step, Shifa Foundation on regular basis, organizes free medical camps in remote areas. These free medical camps provide free of cost check-ups, treatments, and medicine to the patients who cannot financially afford medical care. These camps also facilitate the underdeveloped communities in terms of spreading awareness about health and hygiene. It helps people learn about child health and disease prevention measures.

The purpose of these free medical camps is to prevent the loss of life of those who cannot otherwise afford medical help. These free medical camps are also a way to educate these communities about healthy lifestyles. Women are taught to wash their hands before cooking for the family and healthy habits are conveyed to the families. Locals are told about the diseases and symptoms and ways to evade these diseases.

bad condition, healthcare, health, health care, hospitals, medical camps, free medical camps, health care in Pakistan

Specialized Medical Camps

Shifa Foundation has till date organized more than 100 free medical camps in different areas of Pakistan. Shifa Foundation initially conducts its field research and identifies the major diseases and infections that are being faced by the inhabitants. After the identification process, a complete team of specialized doctors, volunteers and nursing staff is taken to the area. The medical camps are organized in collaboration with the locals for convenience of communication in local languages and for identification of the community.

Patients who are in need of advanced treatment or surgeries are referred to THQ or DHQ hospitals. The foundation has a legacy of providing its healthcare services to the needy. Shifa Foundation operates its Falahee Clinic program which provides free of cost treatment to diseased poor. Shifa Foundation through its medical camps also identifies people in need of surgeries and advanced treatment and refers them to Falahee Clinics for free of cost treatment. There are 35 specialized doctors in Shifa Foundation’ Falahee Clinics and 100 beds are reserved for hospitalization of patients.

bad condition, healthcare, health, health care, hospitals, medical camps, free medical camps, health care in Pakistan

Recently a medical camp was organized in Kharian at Al Mudassar Trust where Shifa Foundation took a team of physiotherapists, a clinical psychologist and general physicians. The medical camp was organized for disabled children with mental and physical disabilities. The children were facilitated with medical help and mental counselling. The camp was a success and was beneficial for the children and their families.

Ear and Eye Check-up Camps

Shifa Foundation also organizes free eye and ear check-up and treatment camps. These medical camps provide free medicine, reading glasses and hearing aids to the patients. To continue these medical camp services to the underprivileged and the neglected communities in Pakistan, Shifa Foundation needs your help and donations. The cost of a medical camp providing general check-up and medicine to 400 patients is Rs. 25000. A free eye check-up camp providing free medicine and reading glasses which facilitates 400 patients costs up to Rs. 60000. Your donations and support is needed in setting up these medical camps more often.

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