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  1. Shifa Foundation Clinic
    Support us to provide healthcare to
    100,000 non-affording patients

  2. Sponsor Cure For Cataract
    Light up the lives of those who are intended to darkness
  3. Shifa Cancer Hope
    Crowd Funding For Cancer Treatment
  1. Food For Daily Wagers
    Support us to provide Food to 2773 Families of Daily Wagers
  2. Donate Kidney Transplant
    Health-care shouldn’t have to be complex. It’s a RIGHT, and it’s important
  3. Shifa Liver Transplant
    Raise Funds For Liver Transplant
  1. Help the Thirsty
    Donate to Quench The Thirst

“Shifa Foundation’s commitment to its vision and mission is demonstrated by the fact that resources have been mobilized and the services have been expanded geographically to maximize the outreach and broaden the scope of work. It has developed recognition and reputation among communities, government and donors because of quality and timely service delivery.”

          Dr. Manzoor ul Haq Qazi

“My vision is to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, putting our share to improve community health services through efficient and effective network of our social arm- Shifa Foundation”

        Dr. Zaheer Ahmed
1948 – 2011

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Bank Name: Al Baraka Bank
Account Title: Shifa Foundation – HAP
Account: 01101-55388-059

Bank Name: Faysal Bank
Account Title: Shifa Foundation
Account: 0169150900218363

Zakat Account
Account Title: Shifa Foundation
IBAN: PK93UMBL0051000062540066 Branch Code: 510 (Rawalpindi Branch)