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Corona Response – Food for Daily Wagers

Corona Response – Food for Daily Wagers

“The conscientious are those, who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the sake of Allah (SWT).” (Surah Al Insan, Verse 8-9)

As much as 60 percent population of Pakistan lives on daily wages. They do hard labor, sell utensils on carts, work in restaurant industry or drive cabs. The Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic has sever the national economy and local businesses. Many industries are at lockdown. Though markets are partially open but one needs to earn first to purchase a decent meal. Absence of work opportunities have left masses with only option of staying hungry.

Being a national charity and non-governmental organization, Shifa Foundation has decided to initiate the program Food for Daily Wagers amid country-wide lockdowns. Through the network of field staff and volunteers we will reach to the families whose heads have lost the livelihood under current scenario.

This is the need of hour . Join us in our 2020 Lockdown Food Package Campaign by donating Rs. 3999 per family for  food ration, and make a difference in the lives of at least 2500 deserving families by sponsoring  food ration. We need your immediate support. People are hungry and you are their last hope.

For a Family of SIX in Rs. 4,500



Item Name Total Quantity
Rice 29 Kg

It is lockdown but you can unlock the good-deed

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