Islam is the complete code that aims to civilize every aspect of human life. It offers a set of practices to enable its followers achieve the spiritual, psychological and physiological wellbeing. These practices include salah (namaz or prayers), fasting, Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) and zakat.

Our religion has also described the functions purpose and results of all these prescribed practices. The purpose of offering prayers is described as “Verily, Namaz prohibits from all sorts of visible and hidden wrong doings” (Surah Al-Ankboot). The function of fasting is elaborated as “Fasting has been made compulsory for you so that you may become God fearing [upholder of justice]” (Surah Al-Tauba). Lastly, the results of taking pilgrimage to Mecca can be extracted from Quran as it states “Anyone who aspires to perform Hajj must abstain from abusive language, quarrel and violation of law and social contracts. (Surah Al-Tauba)”. This means a person who performs pilgrimage shall not harm any human being, neither from his/her action nor from his/her words.

Similarly, the purpose of Zakat is described as “It is the source of physical and spiritual cleansing and purity” (Surah Al-Tauba). It is also stated in Surah Al-Tauba at another place: “It (Zakat) is for poor, weak, servants, financial defaulters and passengers.” From this the religious authorities have derived that purpose of Zakat include to implement economic justice, enhance mutual cooperation and establish a social equilibrium in the society.

The zakat is due on every adult Muslim (male and female) who owns a certain amount of cash, gold, silver or any other means of valuables be it property, land, jewelry, cars etc. Though the Islam has explained the amount of Zakat applicable on certain valuables yet it sometimes become confusing whether or not one lies in the category.

Keeping all such difficulties and confusions regarding calculating the amount of Zakat in Pakistan, Shifa Foundation has developed a user friendly and the best Zakat Calculator. You can access the Shifa Foundation’s Zakat Calculator by clicking or copying this URL (

As Ramadan 2020 approaches near one keeps wondering on “how to calculate Zakat?” and “how to use Zakat Calculator?”. In this Ramadan Shifa Foundation has solve these questions for you. The Shifa Foundation’s best Zakat Calculator to calculate the amount of Zakat as per nisaab in Pakistan is easy to use. All you have to do is to enter the amount of assets you own and press the calculate button. The Shifa Foundation Zakat Calculator will show to Zakat amount applicable on you.

Moreover, as due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic outward movement is restricted and barred, you can easily send and donate your zakat to the most deserving segments of Pakistani society on these links:

  1. Corona Response: Food For Daily Wagers Campaign

Due to prolonged and enforced lockdowns amid Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, many daily wagers have lost means to livelihood. They are helpless, home-stuck and hungry. You can sponsor one month’s food package for a family by clicking this link:

  1. Sip of Life – Thar is Thirsty

Clean drinking water is the most fundamental necessity. Yet the people in Thar desert are thirsty and helpless to drink contaminated water. Donate the gift of water handpump to them this summer by clicking this link:

  1. Treatment of Patient
  • Life Saving Surgeries

The majority of the patients from underprivileged class succumbed to a disease only because they could not afford the treatment. Please donate your Zakat for saving lives of such deserving patients by clicking this link:

  • Cancer Hope

The treatment of cancer costs in millions. There are many deserving patients who cannot afford the treatment and in result obliviate to death in front of their loved ones. Help them with your Zakat by clicking this link:

  • Cataract – Surgery to Restore Eye Sight

You have a beautiful personality but there are many beautiful people who would not be able to see it. It is because they cannot afford to treat their cataract. Donate just Rs8,500/- from your Zakat and help them see the beauty around you by clicking this link:

  • Liver Care and Head/Neck Cancer Treatment

There are helpless, poor and deserving patients who need immediate liver transplant. Then there are those who need to be cured for cancer in their head and neck. Please donate your Zakat so that they can live a healthy life by clicking these links respectively: and

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