Where Does Your Charity Donation Go?

Pakistan has been named among the most charitable nations of the world by a global report on philanthropy. 1% of Pakistan’s GDP accounts for charity donations and 98% of Pakistanis are involved in charitable events. With an annual amount reaching $2 billion for charities, the country is listed among the nations contributing most to charity. This report surely brings an element of pride for the country but raises a question that where does all this charity go? An individual who is highly contributing towards the cause may think about the area and the beneficiaries on whom the amount is being spent.

Being compassionate and caring for one’s fellow human being is the central part of Islam. Charity has considerable significance in Islam. But while donating a donor is always concerned about the people or the cause on which the charity is going to be spent. There are numerous militant groups and radical organizations who become active during Ramzan to exploit Pakistan’s generosity.

These organizations collect donations in the name of religion and needy, actually using this money to fund terrorism and for the purchase of weapons. No one would want their money to be used for the killing of someone or for the purchase of weapons. A donor always wants to donate for the alleviation of poverty, for a poor patient’s health, to feed a poor child or to educate the community. Here are some things to consider before donating to help you make sure your money is going at the right place and are being used for the betterment of humanity.

Charity’s Name:

It does not mean that a charity is not legitimate if you have not heard its name before. It is good to check the government’s register for the names of non-profit organizations asking for donations. Before donating to a charity, check the charity’s name on Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy’s Certified List of NGOs. After that verify the name of the charity from Economic Affairs Division’s registered list of NGOs. Beware of sound alike names because scammers conduct their activities with names associated with genuine NGOs.

Be Cautious Before Giving Online Donations:

If you receive an online request for donations on social media or by mail, be particularly careful before clicking on a link. Once again verify the charity’s name on government lists. Well known charities can be targeted by scammers and fake sites so check for transaction security before donating online. See whether the URL contains a padlock symbol and starts with https.

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Inquire Before You Give:

Ask questions before donating to a charity organization. Be aware of where your money is going and for what cause does the NGO work for. Do your own research on the NGO, read their annual report and search out more about its mission and activities because it is your money. A genuine fundraiser is always happy in answering questions and telling more about their work.

The Financial / Audit Report:

Every NGO or charity organization working as a proper non-profit organization prepares a financial report every year. Search for the NGO’s financial report online. This may give you an idea of their revenue and expenditure. The need to be cautious should not prevent you from donating but your donations should reach the deserving.

Check More:

When approached by fundraisers, check their Identity cards, and check if the collection box is sealed if they have one. Do not feel pressurized by a fundraiser into donating immediately. Ask for a license or a documentary evidence for fundraising given by a local authority. Don’t always trust the ads or endorsements or charities founded by celebrities. A well-presented commercial does not mean that rupees will be put to work as you think.

Report A Fraud

If you think that a charity organization is not legitimate and collecting money fraudulently, report it to the police because the government of Pakistan has recently banned 60 radical groups from collecting charity and the civil society is busy in creating awareness about safe charity.

Your donations are important to elevate the underprivileged communities only if they get them. Make sure that your donations reach the right people and are used for the right cause because it is your right to keep track of what you have given.

Shifa Foundation, established in 1991 as a non-profit organization is attempting to ease human enduring by enabling underprivileged communities of Pakistan. Shifa Foundation being a PCP (Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy) authorize association is committed to empower the deprived communities. It emancipates children, women, families and needy communities to help them understand their basic rights to wellbeing, education, and citizenship with poise. Your donations to Shifa Foundation are safe and accounted for. Help Shifa Foundation to help the poor in alleviating their suffering.

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