The World Diabetes Day 2020

The World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year on 14th November with a unique theme. This year the theme is The Nurse and Diabetes; this theme acknowledges the role of nurses in Diabetes management and prevention. Diabetes is a global health concern and proper Knowledge about it matter as it’s a prevalent issue the contemporary world. According to International Diabetes Federation statistics in 2019, nineteen million people in Pakistan are patient of diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes, is a disease that can occur to anyone and there is no shame in having it. It basically affects the glucose or sugar level in a human body causing high level of sugar which can become life threatening. There are two types of diabetes that are type 1 and type 2. In type 1 diabetes the body stops producing insulin which regulates the level of glucose. In type 2 diabetes your body fails to use insulin effectively. Whatever the type you have, it is manageable and with a healthy lifestyle and diet a person can live a normal life.

However it is crucial that we identify the causes leading to diabetes in order to avoid it in the first place. Obesity, physical inactivity, genes or environmental factors, age, depression, smoking, high blood pressure is some of the common reasons for diabetes. Moreover Swedish study found insomnia to act as an element for causing Type 2 diabetes.

Most of the causes can be avoided by leading a healthy lifestyle as prevention is better than medication. Diabetes is an unrelieved disease that needs proper management. Once affected by the disease you have to manage the intake of your food in order to keep the glucose level in your body balanced. A diabetic person also has to keep his/her blood pressure, cholesterol and lipid level in blood in check. Hence proper knowledge is necessary not only for the patient but for the people around as well.

Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSNs) play a significant role for patients suffering from diabetes. They ensure that proper health care measurements are taken for such patients and also play a huge role in educating people about diabetes management. IDF has started online programs to educate people about diabetes management and also acknowledges efforts of nurses around the globe of playing their part in helping diabetic people.

The world diabetes day is celebrated so that this restless disease can be taken as a global health concern. This day is celebrated since 1991 as world health organization and International diabetes federation initiated it to address the growing health concern around globe. 93 countries along the globe celebrate this day and different events are organized to spread awareness regarding diabetes. This 14th November on the world diabetes day play your role to spread awareness regarding this growing disease and also pledge to improve your lifestyle in order to avoid this serious disease.

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