The devastating floods that swept through District Umerkot in 2022 left a lasting impact on the lives of its residents. Mandhrai Farm, a community located 25 kilometers from Tehsil Umerkot, was particularly affected, with infrastructure destroyed and sources of income wiped out. The aftermath of the floods left most homes in the community without access to clean water, proper sanitation, and knowledge of basic hygiene practices. Open defecation and a lack of hygienic awareness further compounded the challenges faced by the locals.

In response to this pressing need, Shifa Foundation, in collaboration with UNICEF, initiated the Flood Emergency and Restoration of WASH Facilities project, the comprehensive intervention aimed to provide immediate relief and long-term solutions for the community. It encompassed the provision of WASH facilities, health and hygiene sessions, menstrual hygiene management (MHM), sanitation improvements, water supply, community engagement, and prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) sessions. As part of the intervention, Shifa Foundation distributed hygiene kits, including soap and jerry cans, and conducted capacity-building training for community resource persons (CRPs).


Ramoun, a resilient 35-year-old woman residing in Mandhrai Farm, found herself facing immense challenges in the aftermath of the floods. With her home destroyed and her livelihood as a farmer severely impacted, she and her family were in dire need of support. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Ramoun’s name was registered with Shifa Foundation for the distribution of hygiene kits and participation in health and hygiene sessions.


Engaging in sessions focused on PSEA, MHM, and Health and Hygiene, Ramoun acquired essential knowledge and skills to improve her family’s well-being. WASH strategy implemented by Shifa Foundation emphasized the importance of safe drinking water and educated communities on healthy lifestyle choices. Armed with this information, Ramoun took the necessary steps to provide her family with safe drinking water, ensuring their protection against waterborne illnesses.


The provision of hygiene kits, soap, and jerry cans, along with the emphasis on improved sanitation conditions, further empowered Ramoun and her family to maintain better hygiene practices. Shifa Foundation’s WASH project approach encouraged local communities to find sustainable solutions using the resources available to them, promoting self-reliance and community ownership.

Ramoun’s experience is reflective of the positive impact achieved by Shifa Foundation’s efforts in Umerkot district. Through their timely interventions, critical support was provided to those in need during emergency and challenging times. The transformation in Ramoun’s life, as well as that of many other villagers, serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the interventions implemented.


By addressing the issue of unsafe drinking water and promoting hygiene awareness, Shifa Foundation has not only improved the immediate well-being of individuals like Ramoun but also contributed to the long-term health and resilience of the community.

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