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Online Qurbani Campaign for Deserving Communities

Perform the Sunnah While Serving Humanity

Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H said, “For every hair on the sacrificial animal, a reward will be recorded for the person making the Qurbani.” (Sahih Muslim)

In the past quarter of the year 2020, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic and protective lockdowns across globe has shattered the economies. Pakistan, too, has faced the heat of global meltdown. The daily wagers appeared to be the most vulnerable of all. They have lost means to provide nutritious meals for their families due to joblessness.


Shifa Foundation had successfully distributed food packages among 21,000 beneficiaries belonging to the families of daily wagers during Ramadan in “Food for Daily Wagers Campaign”. This campaign received applauding response from donors who wanted to contribute towards feeding the deserving communities.


Moving forward, Qurbani is another time of the year when those who cannot afford nutritious meals get to eat it. This year Qurbani will has a very different connotation. The permission to set animals markets is still at halt. Even if the markets are set, the movement would be restricted with a higher probability of COVID-19 spread. Therefore, under these circumstances Shifa Foundation is presenting a unique solution for its generous donors to perform the great Sunnah of Qurbani while serving the humanity through our Online Qurbani Campaign.

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Qurbani Type Price Click to Donate
Cow/Bull (Complete) Rs.87,500
One Share in Cow/Bull: Rs.12,500
Goat/Sheep: Rs.25,000


Note: Sacrificial meat from qurbani donations received after 20th July 2021 will be distributed in deserving people of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar.
Bookings are open till 10 am on Eid’s 3rd Day. Donations received after that will be consider as general charity.