Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) Supports the Shifa Foundation to Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer

Shifa Foundation celebrates Pink Lady Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign yearly to educate masses about the three major components of Breast Cancer, “Early detection, Awareness and Timely treatment”. Pink Lady is breaking stereotype by providing Awareness sessions in multiple mediums whole year instead of just in October.

For the year 2021, the Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) supported & sponsored the Pink Lady Campaign whole heartedly. Shifa Foundation organized seminars, awareness sessions at various educational institutions and organizations.


Shifa Foundation also organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Session for the female staff of OGDCL at the Main Auditorium, OGDCL Head Office.


The guests of the event included General Manager CSR OGDCL, General Manager Security, OGDCL, General Manager HR, OGDCL, Member Board of Governors, Shifa Foundation, the Director Shifa Foundation, Senior Manager Operations, Shifa Foundation and Manager Philanthropy, Shifa Foundation. The event started with introductory speech by Dr. Khadeeja Azhar, Director Shifa Foundation, who apprised the participants about the Shifa Foundation’s services across Pakistan.


Mr. Hamid Ullah, Manager Philanthropy, Shifa Foundation put light on the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness and shared statistical data of Breast Cancer cases and annual deaths caused by the deadly disease in Pakistan and around the world. He also thanked the OGDCL management for supporting the Pink Lady Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign of Shifa Foundation.


The Chief Guest Mr. Saleem Baz Khan, General Manager CSR OGDCL, stressed upon the importance of awareness raising regarding Breast Cancer and requested the participants to spread the message in general public to save precious human lives. He also appreciated the Pink Lady breast Cancer Awareness Campaign & efforts of Shifa Foundation in breaking cancer taboos. He hoped that Shifa Foundation will keep on breaking these barriers on sensitive issues.


Col. Tariq Hanif, General Manager Security OGDCL, also spoke about the importance of awareness and shared his experience of witnessing a Breast Cancer patient. He explained that early detection is important because if the breast cancer is diagnosed in later stages, it puts both the patient and the family in a miserable condition.

Dr. Humaira Naz from Shifa International Hospital delivered a detailed lecture on cancer, its sign and symptoms along with treatment and regular healthy life style guidance. Self-screening, awareness and early detection is the only way that helps beating this disease. Therefore, it is sufficed to say “Early Detection For my Protection”.

Member Board of Governors and Director Shifa Foundation presented shields to the following officials of OGDCL as vote of thanks for supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

    • Salim Baz Khan, General Manager CSR, OGDCL

    • Jamal Nasir, General Manager, HR, OGDCL

    • Col. Tariq Hanif, General Manager, Security, OGDCL

    • Sumbal Wahab, Senior CSR Officer, OGDCL

Your help is required in spreading awareness regarding this sensitive issue. Join hands with Shifa Foundation to break the barrier that hinders in spreading awareness & treatment of Breast Cancer.

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