Background:  Balochistan has experienced extremely heavy rainfall this year, resulting in flash floods, hill torrents, overflowing dams, and rivers across the province. The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Balochistan has notified 22 districts of Balochistan as hit by calamity owing to monsoon heavy rainfall on July 16th, 2022. Furthermore, the Department of Health has also announced that there is a dire need for the activities to be initiated to address to the growing health problems.


Shifa Foundation has started integrated flood response services in collaboration with UNICEF in Baluchistan. To identify the actual needy beneficiaries, Shifa Foundation has started a Rapid Outreach in 03 Flood-affected districts including Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, and Sohbatpur districts of Baluchistan for the provision of Nutrition services. Shifa Foundation has deployed 3 teams in the respective districts with 15 Nutrition assistants and 10 Social Organizers to carryout outreach activities in 45 UCs of the respective districts. After the groundbreaking operation, Shifa Foundation team managed to set up 3 field offices in 3 districts with the required logistics.


Outreach activities including household level assessments and case identification based on MUAC is managed by the field team through MUAC Screening. Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) cases are referred to the outreach therapeutic Centers OTPs managed By the Nutrition Directorate, UNICEF, PPHI and the Health department where, these children get Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) supplements and other required services. Shifa Foundation team provides counseling to the beneficiaries regarding Nutrition, Hygiene, drinking water, sanitation, & healthcare.

Key activities to be performed:

  • Lady Health Workers, Community Health Workers and other volunteers trained on MUAC (Mid-upper arm circumference) screening and provided MUAC tape and other necessary job aids.
  • Conduct MUAC screening of 22,427 girls & 23,910 boys aged 6 -59 months using field teams, LHWs, CHW and other volunteers.
  • Mass screening of all targeted villages and union council.
  • Approximately 30 IYCF corner will be established at community meeting points in 30 flood affected sites.
  • Approximately 7,144 Severe Acute Malnutrition children will be referred to nearby static OTP (Outpatient Therapeutic Program)/ if OTP not available mobile team will enroll SAM child in mobile OTPs, and they will be treated with RUTF supplements.
  • 60 persons trained on simplified protocols, identified/prioritized for treatment of SAM without complication through community health workers and teams at community and health facilities.
  • 200 LHWs (lady health workers) and community volunteers will be provided with job aids for integration of key messages in 30 flood affected union councils of District Jaffarabad, Sohbatpur and Naserabad.
  • 150 Mother to Mother and 150 Father to father support groups will be established/strengthened to conduct regular sessions on bi-weekly basis and provide support CHWs for screening/referral of mothers and children.
  • 300 LHWs and community volunteers ( 100 per district *3) will be provided IEC material for integration of key message/Key family care practices in 3 flood affected District.
  • Approximately 34,840 children (16,862 girls & 17,977 boys) 24-59 months will be dewormed in 30 flood affected union councils.
  • Approximately 27,872 mother, caregiver and other women will receive key messages through community engagement activity in 30 flood affected Union Councils.
  • Nearly 3,000 population receive lifesaving health services such as MNCH, RHFP, common illnesses from health sector partners through mobile medical camps in 30 affected union councils.
  • Development of 3 Referral Pathways one at each district Orientation and Capacity building of 60 district stakeholders (20 per district to strengthen Referral Pathways.18 Joint visit (one/month/district) with department of health.


  • Increase the screening, early detection and referral of severe acute malnutrition children to outpatient therapeutic program (OTP)
  • Improved community engagement for the awareness and promotion of nutrition, health, WASH and child protection practices & services including importance of referral to nearby health facilities for nutrition services by implementing the lifesaving and critical information through Key Family Care Practices package.
  • Provision of micronutrient supplements to children and PLW and promotion of key Infant Young Child Feeding (IYCF) through counselling and nurturing care centres (IYCF space); health& hygiene and nutrition behaviours for prevention of acute malnutrition in children
  • and mothers.
  • Engage key stakeholders who provide lifesaving health, education WASH, FSL and Protection services in targeted Union Councils through coordination, regular meeting and facilitation for service provision.

Coverage: Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, and Sohbatpur                          


Focus: Health & Advocacy, Nutrition

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