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Champions causes

Champions Causes

The current scenario of recession, inflation and unemployment in the country, national health levels have been on a declining trajectory, and the governmental infrastructure doesn’t suffice to cater the underprivileged in terms of sickness. Many deserving patients visit hospitals in emergencies and the cost of treatment surges, becoming unaffordable. These families fail to continue attaining the treatment and the patient looses his life.

The high cost of transplants, dialysis, chemotherapies and surgeries is unaffordable for underprivileged patients. In order to make these healthcare facilities reachable for every patient, regardless of their financial status, Shifa Foundation initiated its Champion’s Campaign last year encompassing Cancer treatment (Shifa Cancer Hope), liver treatment (Shifa Liver Care) and head & neck cancer (SHNC). This campaign involved senior doctors of Shifa International Hospital who supported their respective campaigns by waiving off their consultation fees, raising funds for patients, conducting clinical evaluation of patients and supporting Shifa Foundation by becoming the face (champion) of the campaign. Shifa Foundation with the help of these champions raised more than PKR 20 million for Cancer Patients and around 18 million has been spent till date. Our champion campaign for head and neck cancer has raised PKR 217,000 and PKR 1.3 million has been raised for liver patients. Observing the successful response from these campaigns, Shifa Foundation plans to commence Champion campaigns for kidney diseases and gynecology related issues (child birth and obstetrics), as these are the most common problems, patients happen to have. These champions will be doctors from different departments, working in close coordination with Shifa Foundation.

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