Name of Beneficiary Kanta Father’s Name & CNIC Chatro Mal 44302-0308533-3
Age of Beneficiary 06 Months Beneficiary Status SAM
MUAC (Before) 9.2 cm (SAM) MUAC (After) 12.6 cm (Normal)
Village Name Manu Ji Dhani UC Name Diplo
Taluka Name Diplo District Tharparkar

Daughter of Chatro Mal of Manu Ji Dhani, 6-month baby girl Kanta was severely underweight and experiencing various health issues. Chatro Mal, a lower-class laborer, faced financial difficulties and struggled to provide even the most basic necessities for his family. They lived in a hut made of hay and mud, surrounded by extremely poor hygiene conditions. The entire Manu Ji Dhani lacked essential sanitation infrastructure and hygiene standards. During a screening visit by the Shifa Foundation under its initiative “Accelerated Action Plan for the reduction of stunting and malnutrition for District Tharparkar”, a Community Health Worker (CHW), during screening identified Kanta as a Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) case with a Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) of 9.2cm, indicating severe malnourishment. Further investigation revealed that Kanta was not being breastfed, as her mother was unwilling to do so until she was 24 months old, which contributed to her weakened state, as well as poor hygiene conditions.

The absence of an Outpatient Therapeutic Program (OTP) and Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) supplements further deteriorated the baby’s already poor condition. Shifa Foundation’s team sat down with Kanta’s parents to guide them on the dangerous consequences their daughter could face if immediate action was not taken. Chatro Mal and his family had no knowledge of the causes and treatment of malnutrition for their daughter. The team educated them on the significance of breastfeeding and provided guidance on proper breastfeeding techniques, such as positioning and suckling tips. They also advised the family to drink boiled water only and recommended the use of RUTF supplements as advised by the nutrition assistant.

Gradually, Kanta’s health started to improve. She gained weight, her energy levels increased, and she became more active. During the follow-up screening, her MUAC measurement had increased from 9.2cm to 12.6cm. Kanta was well on her way to recovery. Her parents expressed gratitude for the support they received from Shifa Foundation and continued to collaborate closely with them to ensure Kanta received the necessary care and attention.

As Kanta continued to grow and thrive, she became an example to others in her community who faced similar challenges. With the assistance of the Shifa Foundation team, Kanta’s family successfully broke the cycle of malnutrition that had afflicted them for generations.

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