BISP NASHONUMA - Baluchistan

Background:  Shifa Foundation in collaboration with World Food Program (WFP) is leading a groundbreaking initiative in Baluchistan, spanning over seven districts including Quetta, Killah Saifullah, Naseerabad, Sohbatpur, Jaffarabad, Sherani and Zhob. This program known as BISP Nashonuma Project has been designed to combat stunting in pregnant and lactating women, as well as children under 23 months. The project aims to improve maternal, infant, and young  child nutritious and hygiene practices through combination of innovative interventions such as  awareness sessions, provision of specialised nutrition foods,  antenatal and postnatal care  services, routine child growth monitoring, and  immunisations.  This program is also unique as in it includes cash transfer provided by Kafalat, in addition to other specialized interventions.

Key activities to be performed:

  • Raise awareness on maternal infant and young child nutrition, health and hygiene practices and intake of nutritional food.
  • Provide specialized nutritional food to mothers and children.
  • To carry out routine growth monitoring, immunization, antenatal, postnatal care services.
  • To facilitate conditional cash stipends (in addition to Kalafat’s unconditional cash
  • transfers) during the first 1000 days of life.


  • Fully functional and maintained Facilitation Centers as per BISP delivery model.
  • Social Maps of the area developed and available at centers.
  • Workplan are developed and implemented as per SBCC strategy.
  • Community healthcare workers engaged in targeting BISP beneficiaries for awareness raising, follow ups and SBCC.
  • Supply chain management mechanism outlined.
  • Maintenance of data management system developed aligned with WFP system.
  • Compliance mechanism system developed.
  • Compilation of monthly/quarterly consumption figures.
  • Reports generated on management of supplies, realistic projections and stock reports on quarterly basis.
  • Preparation of progress reports of all project activities as per requirements and time schedule outlined by WFP.
  • CP to ensure implementation of Social Mobilization and SBCC for better outreached and raising awareness.
  • Supervision of the SNF distribution to beneficiaries and cash is ensured through proper monitoring system and support is provided to beneficiaries for complaint/feedback in case of cash cuttings.



Donor: World Food Program

Focus: Health & Advocacy

Coverage:  Killa Saifullah, Zhob, Shirani, Jafferabad, Sohbat Pur, Naseerabad, Quetta 

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