Name of Beneficiary Arebeli Father’s/Husband Name Jalal
Age of Beneficiary 25 Years Beneficiary Status Rain flood Affected
Village Name Ghulam Shabir Kaladi UC Name Jiskani
Taluka Name Kotdiji District Khairpur

Arebeli’s story is one of many stories of aspirations and ambitions being swept away by the floods. Her desire to study needlework and work to support her family seemed out of reach right now. She had no idea where her life was going or if she and her family would have food tomorrow.

Arebeli, 25 had always been a positive and hopeful individual, full of dreams and aspirations. However, her life took an unexpected turn when a devastating flood struck her village. She lives in a joint family with 12 family members, and her husband worked on daily wages.

The floodwaters ravaged Khairpur, leaving behind destruction and despair. Arebeli’s home was completely submerged, and she lost all her belongings and cherished memories. The once vibrant community turned into a gloomy place as people struggled to recover from the disaster.

In the aftermath of the flood, Arebeli found herself feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. She couldn’t see a way out of the darkness that had enveloped her life. But deep inside her heart, a tiny flicker of determination remained, urging her to find the strength to overcome the adversity. Arebeli sought assistance from various organizations and agencies, advocating for the needs of the flood victims. She was turned away from many organizations but her determination, kept her going. Day in, day out, in a village that was completely destroyed she didn’t give up hope.

As a result of her struggle, she eventually came across Shifa Foundation. When the Shifa Foundation team met her, they found her and her entire village in need and hunger. They were waiting for a miracle to happen.  These people didn’t even have food for dinner.

Shifa Foundation team registered Arebeli along with many other villagers in the emergency service GFD (General Food Distribution). Under this initiative, the villagers were also guided on ways regarding strategies and measures for having skills to avoid dependency.

Shifa Foundation team reached out to them at their time of need and tried to alleviate their suffering. After receiving the food items Arbeli and her family were filled with hope and joy, and they all thanked Shifa Foundation team.

Seeing how her struggle to seek out help for her village and bring about a positive change, Arebeli became more actively involved in helping out her community.

Through her determination, Arbeli was able to bring food to the table, not only for her family but for countless other flood-affected victims. She additionally learned measures to be self-sufficient in the future. Her success serves as a reminder that even in the face of the most devastating circumstances, hope can be rekindled, and solutions can be sought out.

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