A Mother’s Journey to Health and Hope: Basra’s Story

In the remote village of Peerano Bheel, access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation was nonexistent, leaving the community vulnerable to diseases like Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. The lack of clean water affected the health of the villagers, including Basra, a 35-year-old farmer and mother of four. Her children frequently fell ill with fevers and malaria, and Basra herself struggled with her own health. The entire village was plagued by these preventable illnesses, highlighting the urgent need for intervention.

Recognizing the dire situation, Shifa Foundation, in collaboration with UNICEF, stepped in to bring about positive change. They initiated a comprehensive Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) program in Peerano Bheel. The first step was the installation of hand pumps to provide the community with a reliable source of clean drinking water. Additionally, a Mother Support Group and a 

WASH Committee were established to empower the residents and promote sustainable hygiene practices.

With the installation of the hand pump, the lives of the villagers, including Basra and her family, were transformed. Through targeted training on the ten steps of proper handwashing techniques, all the residents learned and implemented hygienic practices in their daily lives. Basra diligently embraced these practices, ensuring she washed her hands before cooking, after using the latrine, and before meals. As a result, her family and she were safeguarded from the once-prevalent illnesses that plagued the village.

Furthermore, Shifa Foundation distributed Non-Food Item Kits to the community, providing essential supplies that improved their overall well-being. Basra, inspired by the positive changes in her life, became a role model within the village. She took it upon herself to educate other women, girls, and children about hygiene practices, spreading the knowledge and empowering her community.

Basra shared her gratitude, saying, “I am very thankful to the SHIFA Foundation and UNICEF for providing us with a hand pump in our village. Now, my entire family is safe from the illnesses that once haunted us.” Her words reflect the profound impact that UNICEF’s support and the SHIFA Foundation’s intervention had on the lives of Basra and her community.

Through the concerted efforts of UNICEF and Shifa Foundation, and the resilience of individuals like Basra, positive change has been brought to Peerano Bheel. The story of Basra’s journey highlights the power of simple interventions and the enduring hope they can bring to vulnerable communities.  Thanks to UNICEF and Shifa Foundation’s support, Basra’s family and the entire community have been empowered to lead healthier lives.

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