Our Vision

To become the role model in the world of charity services by offering highly transparent, efficient, and valuable modes of support financially, in kind, and other services to the underprivileged members in the society without any discrimination, and while preserving their human dignity and self-respect.

Our Mission

Urgent Response Services: Provide medical care, food, water, shelter, clothing, child-family reunification, and other critical/basic human needs related services to those individuals who can not afford or access them otherwise.

Core Values

– Shariah Compliance
– Transparency (Amanah) and Accountability
– Dignity and self-respect
– Collective responsibility
– Quality

Urgent Call For Support
Shifa Foundation – Qurbani Appeal

Continuing the same appeal this year, Shifa Foundation with the help of our donors will distribute the sacrificial meat among 2000 malnourished families of Thar,Sindh in the appropriate Islamic way and at the right time. Let’s join Shifa Foundation and extend a helping hand to the deprived families of Thar by following Sunnah e Ibrahimi.

In 2017, Shifa Foundation has distributed sacrificial meat among 1500 deserving families on the day of Eid ul Adha.

How we operate ?
  1. Shifa Falahee Clinic
    Support us to provide healthcare to 100,000 non-affording patients
  2. Feed the Poor
    Donate $65 to feed 1 deserving family for a month
  3. Shifa Cancer Hope
    Crowd Funding For Cancer Treatment
  1. Sip of Life
    Donate $1,200 to sponsor a water hand pump
  2. Cure 1 Cataract with $85
    Raising $85,000 to cure 1000 Patients with Cataract
  3. Shifa Dastarkhwan
    Donate $45 today to feed 1 time meal to 65 people

Ready to become a volunteer?

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