The spirit of Ramadan lies in empathy and love of Muslim brethren in our communities. The philosophy behind abstaining from eating and drinking is to feel the pain of hungry and thirsty in first-hand experience. Moreover, we also pray salah taraveeh, recite the Holy Quran and perform other prayers. Being human we often commit mistakes (minor or major) in performing these duties. To diminish the impact of these mistakes and to include the poor among the festivity of Eid ul Fitr Islam had imposed to pay Fitrana or Zakat ul Fitr.


Who Should Give Fitrana?

Unlike Zakat, the Fitrana is compulsory to pay by every Muslim lived through the month of Ramadan. Even if a child is born before the sun rise on 1st Shawal, his fitrana is also due. If there is man who has five dependents (one wife and four children) then he should pay the fitrana of six people.


When is fitrana Due?

The payment of fitrana gets due when the moon of Ramadan is cited.


What is the deadline to pay fitrana?

Though the fitrana gets due as soon as moon of the month of Ramadan is cited but it can be paid as late as before offering the salah of Eid ul Fitr.


What is the nisaab of Fitrana?

Each year there is a new amount that needs to be given. It fluctuates due to the changing socio-economic conditions. In Pakistan, the widely accepted nisaab of fitrana is issued by the Central Moon Citing Committee. This year the committee has set the following nisaab:

$1 per head on the value of wheat flour.

$2 per head on the value of barley.

$11 per head on the value of dates.

$13 per head on the value of raisin.

$23 per head on the value of cheese.

One should donate fitrana as per his/her financial status.


Who deserves to receive fitrana?

The recipients of fitrana, as laid by Islam, are the same as of the recipients of zakat. The preference for fitrana is as follows: relatives, poor neighbors, the needy in general and the collectors of zakat. Keep in mind that fitrana cannot be paid to the Non-Muslims.


How to give fitrana?

The Shifa Foundation has launched the Covid-19 Response Ramadan Appeal. We are providing food for the daily wagers who lost jobs during lockdown, clean water to the deprived communities of Thar desert, medical treatment to the poor patients and annual education sponsorships for the deserving students of interior Sindh and Blauchistan.


If you live in Pakistan then you can make donate your fitrana as per following details:


Bank Details
Fifth Third Bank
Acc No: 7240246160
Routing Transit: 042000314
International Swift: FTBCUS3C
Acc Title: Shifa Foundation


Online Donations

International Donors and Credit Card Holders Can Also visit:


Through Cheque 

2200 S Main St Ste Lombard, IL 60148


 For Call

(630) 743 6953

(630) 889 9511


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