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Every 9th Pakistani is suffering from Liver Diseases. 300,000 patients have dire need of Liver Transplant. (Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.)

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Shifa Liver Care Team


Shifa Liver Care is a project led by Shifa Foundation in collaboration with Liver Care Team of Shifa International Hospital, to support the treatment of deserving patients with liver diseases. Pakistan being the country with the largest prevalence of Hepatitis B and C is also ranked among the countries with highest number of people living below the poverty line. Health emergencies can cost a lot to poor individuals and families. Millions of patients with liver diseases in Pakistan deny treatment just because they cannot afford it.


High cost of treatment:

According to WHO, 95% of people infected with HCV can be cured within 2-3 months with highly effective direct-acting antiviral(DAA) drugs. Licensed treatments for HCV infection in Pakistan include pegylated and standard interferon, ribavirin, and DAA drugs, but the cost of these medicine is unaffordable for underprivileged patients.

Lack of awareness:

Hepatitis B and C is a major health problem in developing countries including Pakistan. Due to lack of education and awareness of this disease, HCV infection is rapidly spreading and becoming a major health problem due to its immediate and long-term effects. Proper measures must be adopted to educate the community and for application of preventive measures to prevent its spread in the community.

  • To prevent its spread, people must be educated about this infection.
  • Proper screening of blood and blood products must be carried out before transfusion.
  • Proper sterilization of surgical and dental instruments must be carried out.
  • Proper disposal of infected materials and disposable syringes must be carried out to prevent the spread of HCV viral infection in the community.
Raising funds for needy patients:

While Shifa Foundation runs a huge financial program for the treatment of non-affording patients, the high cost of liver transplants and treatment remain unaffordable. Shifa Foundation strives to facilitate maximum needy patients with the limited resources and funds but there is a huge list of patients waiting for transplants and treatment.

Together we can be their hope and help these patients fighting the disease and poverty. Your Zakat, Sadqaat and general donations can sponsor the treatment of patients with liver diseases and help save lives.

Donate $1,000 for the treatment of deserving patients with Hepatitis B & C

This cost includes pre screening, blood tests, liver ultrasound, liver biopsy, medication/treatment and hospitalization (if required) of a patient.

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