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Kidney Transplant

Human body is a complex structure consisting of various visceral organs, all of which work in accordance with each other, following a systemised cardinal clock. Kidneys being one of those many vital organs, each of which are the size of our fists are significant in regulating our bodily homeostasis. Human body depends solely on these kidneys at about 70%. In a situation where our excretory system or bodily fluids are not regulated properly, human body can go into health crisis really soon.

According to WHO, 80 million people worldwide are always at the borderline of being subjected to kidney related issues, most of which end up having a kidney failure. 10% of this stat includes people who are the victims of CKD, which ultimately leads to death, if not being looked after properly. Although kidney-related complications can be managed through early prognosis, yet many individuals lack the right kind of awareness and right amount of resources to cope up with the disease.

We all realise that our body works on the sole ideal of filtering out the toxins, keeping our body protected and safe. Timely filtration from the waste that our body collects in a due time is important, and so the homeostasis of our body readily depends upon our kidneys for its visceral functions. Many individuals are delineated from such vital functions and it becomes very hard for them to regulate their body chemistry. The Foundation steps in at such circumstantial crisis making it a bit easier for the deprived to go about their daily activities and provide them with the necessary treatment

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