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Health Awareness & Outreach Camps

Pakistan has a population of 207.8 million. It has become increasingly difficult for the limited number of doctors and health facilities to cater to the needs of patients. According to the Planning and Development Division, at present there are only 149,201 registered doctors in the country.


Moreover, the high costs of medical care and unavailability of health facilities in far flung areas leave many patients untreated and their diseases undiagnosed. People avoid going to hospitals for treatment and medical checkup due to poverty and lack of means of transport resulting in deaths from preventable diseases. Healthcare, in Pakistan, has become a luxury, rather than a right, afforded only by those who have wealth. Many people prefer to save money for their children instead of spending on their medical checkups.

86 out of 1000 children die each year due to preventable diseases.

179 out of 1000 adults die between the age of 15 and 60 years.


Shifa Foundation regularly organizes free medical camps in far flung areas as well as big cities, with the objective of providing free medical facilities to people at their doorsteps.

Highly qualified teams of medical professionals conduct routine examination. After the checkup, patients are given free medicines, while those suffering from complicated diseases are referred to specialized doctors. Till now Shifa Foundation has provided curative and preventive services to more than 8.3 Million people across Pakistan.


The doctors who volunteer to conduct routine examinations in the medical camps of Shifa Foundation include:

  • Child Specialists
  • Gynecologists
  • Eye Specialists
  • General Practitioners
General Camp
Eye Camp

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