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Shifa Foundation is dedicated to building a sustainable water future for all. We accelerate innovative, inclusive, and integrated approaches to water conservation and filtration. It is our mandate to educate masses about the true value of water and accelerates policies and programs that effectively manage water resources to build stronger communities everywhere. In this campaign, Shifa Foundation launched an initiative of building water wells and installing hand pumps in water drought affected areas with a special focus on Pakistan.
This is an on-going Water Project of Shifa Foundation Pakistan, under which water wells and hand pumps will be installed for provision of clean drinking water on daily basis. This campaign is being run all over

Pakistan in those areas where water scarcity is a major concern.

``Now I have enough time to play with my friends” Saleha, (Kalankar Lake) Umerkot.

Saleha, living in UC Kalankar Lake, is one of 200 members of her village who have benefited from a hand Pump installed by Shifa Foundation. Previously, she had to walk several kilometers every day to find water. But now she can fetch’ water from the Hand Pump installed near to her house. She collects water in the pitchers and lift them in her hand and walks slowly but confidently towards her home. “I have enough time to play with my friends; the hand pump is near to my house, so it is helping me to come back quickly”, she said.

Girls like Saleha feel safer as they do not have to go far away from their houses in search of water.

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