RAMADAN APPEAL 2021 - Shifa Foundation


Iss Ramadan Mei Naiki Ko Unlock Karo

“Show mercy to the people on earth, the One in heavens (Allah) will show mercy on you,” says Prophet Mohammed PBUH – Ibn e Daud, Kitab ul Adab 4941

It’s been three decades that Shifa Foundation is making an effort to serve the divine duty of serving humanity. In this journey, your assistance played the most vital role to make a valuable difference. This Ramadan too, Shifa Foundation is taking care of thousands of underprivileged fellow countrymen in these categories:

  1. Corona Response: Food For Daily Wagers Campaign

Globally the masses have lost the means of livelihood as Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic forced governments to implement lockdowns. Pakistan is also suffering badly and in current scenario the daily wagers are out of job and have no money to support their families.

The helpless, home-stuck and hungry daily wagers along with their families are more vulnerable to getting infected with Covid-19 due to weak immune system. Shifa Foundation needs your immediate donations to provide them nutritious food packages. Together we can all make a difference.


Shifa Foundation is providing Food Packages to 5000 families this Ramadan.

  1. Installation of Water Handpumps

Thar is Thirsty. The teenage girls and women are bound to walk for hours on sizzling hot sand to fetch buckets of water for their families. But the water reservoirs available in the desert of Thar are contaminated thus not safe for drinking.

Water borne diseases kill around 500 children every year before they could even walk. Majority of the population remain ill due to gastro and diarrhoea around the year.

Amid Covid-19 pandemic the population of Thar is facing another kind of danger too. They do not have running water to keep washing their hands. Shifa Foundation urges to provide the habitants of Thar desert clean water resources at their door step for drinking, domestic use and keeping personal hygiene to avoid Covid-19 infection.


Let’s donate 150 pumps to drought sicken Thar this summer.

  1. Treatment of Patients

Pakistan spends less than 3 % of the GDP on health sector. This leaves the under privileged segment – which constitutes almost 40 % of the total population – unable to afford proper healthcare. The poor patients on hospital beds often succumbed to diseases that were actually curable.

Amid Covid-19 pandemic the numbers of patients awaiting critical medical treatments are increasing every day. These vulnerable patients are at higher risk of getting infected from Coronavirus due to their already weak immune system. If not dealt with immediately, such cases could potentially become disastrous for whole country.

Shifa Foundation with the help of you kind and generous donations carry out the treatment of patients under

  • Cataract (Eye-Sight Restoration Surgeries)
  • Life Saving Surgeries
  • Cancer Hope
  • Head & Neck Cancer Treatment
  • Liver Care

Shifa Foundation Aims to provide free and subsidized treatment for 5000 patients this year

  1. Education Support

Education is the key to change. But not everyone can afford it. Pakistan holds top slot in South Asia for the number of children that are out-of-school. The drop-out ratio for out-of-school children beyond primary (5th grade) is even higher. Therefore, the Shifa Foundation has initiated its flagship project “The Hub School”.

The deserving students from Interior Sindh and Baluchistan enrollment, tuition, stationary, boarding, lodging, messing and laundry facilities free of cost.


Let’s Sponsor the education of 100 students this year.

Donation Details


Cause Details Click to Donate
Food for Daily Wagers One Month Food Package
Handpumps Installation of Handpumps
Cataract Eye-Sight Restoration Surgery
Life Saving Surgeries Treatment of patient
Cancer Hope Treatment of General Cancer Patients
Head and Neck Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Liver Care Treatment of Liver Disease Patients
Liver Transplant Liver Transplant of a Patients
Kidney Transplant Kidney Transplant of a Patients
Head and Neck Cancer Treatment of Patients suffering from Head and Neck Cancer
Radiation Oncology Sponsor Radiation treatment
Shifa Cancer Hope Sponsor treatment of Cancer