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27 Mar

8 Foods to Fight Corona virus (Covid 19)

8 Foods That Boost the Immune System to Fight Coronavirus (Covid 19) Medical practitioners from across globe are agreed that people with weak immune system are more likely to get infected with Coronavirus (Covid 19). Below is the list of eight foods easily available in Pakistan that help boost the immune system. Citrus Fruits Vitamin C is the most common and vital ingredient to build up the immune system. Medical science has plenty of reasons to believe that it helps increase the...

25 Mar

7 Things to Minimize Corona-Xiety

Life is a continuous struggle along with its uncertainty. This was true even before Coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak. However, the people all over the globe had have reported the feelings of excessive stress, fear of death and anxiety to their psychologists since February 2020. The Pakistan’s best psychiatrists and psychologists associated with Shifa International Hospital Ltd. have also confirmed to have received similar inquiries. The Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic has undoubtedly severed global economy and caused thousands of deaths world-wide. The...

13 Nov

Shifa Foundation to Provide Exceptional Lab Services to Public in Lahore

Lahore, November 12: To facilitate patients in special tests that are rarely found in other laboratories of Lahore, Shifa Foundation inaugurated its Laboratory collection center situated right in front of Jinnah Hospital, Lahore. With the opening of its Lab collection center, Shifa Foundation, a sister concern of Shifa International Hospital Ltd., will provide tests of Immunology, Histopathology, Hematology, Gastrology, Oncology and other major specialties. Professor of Surgery at Jinnah Hospital Dr. Kamran Chaudhry inaugurated the Lab collection center. Jinnah Hospital’s Director Dr....

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08 Feb

Charity – Zakat in Islam

Charity is not only recommended in Islam; it is an obligation for every financially stable Muslim. Giving charity to those who deserve is part of the character of a Muslim and is one of the Five Pillars of Islamic practice. Zakat in Islam can be translated as “obligatory charity”; responding to the needs of those members of the society who are in need. Some people devoid of feelings of love, only know how to accumulate wealth and multiply it with...

22 Jan

Islamabad Children Literature Festival

Kindle Foundation organized Islamabad Children Literature Festival in Collaboration with Shifa Foundation Islamabad, January 19th, 2019: A two day children festival was organized by Kindle Foundation in collaboration with Shifa Foundation at Aiwan i Quaid, F-9 Park, Islamabad. The festival consisted of music shows, movies, puppets shows, children competitions, games, exhibitions, aerobatic display, training workshops and learning sessions for kids. Two days of the fun packed event entailed music performances, puppet shows, book stalls, tablo skits by school children, and literary performances....

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02 Jan

The Education Emergency in Pakistan

Education is defined as “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially in a school or university.” Education has become a primordial need to survive in the modern world. The State is responsible for providing the respectable means of being for each individual. The education of each individual is its direct responsibility as well. Throughout the world, different countries have achieved different systems of providing this type of education for their people. Islamic Republic of Pakistan...

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21 Dec

The Situation of Poverty in Pakistan

“In a well-governed country, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a poorly governed country, wealth is something to be ashamed of. ” (Chinese proverb) Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world, 60% of its inhabitants are under the age of thirty. Political instability, the disparity between the sexes, the increase in inequalities and the disastrous effects of climate change are some of the greatest challenges facing the country. Poverty in Pakistan is one of the hot topics....

05 Dec

Strategies for Cancer Prevention

We know that cancer can be caused for various reasons. Some are uncontrollable, but others can be managed to prevent the disease. An inadequate diet is responsible for between one third and half of all cancers and up to 70% of digestive diseases. And the opposite is also true: cancer prevention is possible with a diet that positively affects the cellular and inflammatory processes related to its appearance. An adequate diet and sufficient physical activity would reduce the incidence of...

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04 Dec

Where Does Your Charity Donation Go?

Pakistan has been named among the most charitable nations of the world by a global report on philanthropy. 1% of Pakistan’s GDP accounts for charity donations and 98% of Pakistanis are involved in charitable events. With an annual amount reaching $2 billion for charities, the country is listed among the nations contributing most to charity. This report surely brings an element of pride for the country but raises a question that where does all this charity go? An individual who...

03 Dec

Health Care Situation in Pakistan and Shifa Foundation’s Free Medical Camps

Health care is an important factor for the determination of the wellbeing of a country’s inhabitants. Better health ensures better living standards of a society which means more productivity of the working class and accelerated development. Unfortunately, healthcare sector is on a downfall in Pakistan since many years. Health care delivery system in the country is being operated by the public and private sector. Inhabitants of urban areas are facilitated with easily accessible health care facilities but the people in...