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About Us

We wish to bring many good things to life.

Who We Are

Established in 1991, Shifa Foundation is a Not-for-Profit organization that focuses on Health, nutrition and Safe Water for deprived segments of Pakistan. We truly believe that standard health, education and nutrition facilities lead to elimination of poverty from a nation. Since our existence, we have developed our technical expertise along with better understanding of community engagement, health and hygiene practices and nutrition. Furthermore, by using our experience and research, we have also advocated and influenced the policy makers and practitioners to invest on health and food security for the marginalized segments of our country.

We are Helping Hands

Our Vision

To become the role model in the world of charity services by offering highly transparent, efficient, and valuable modes of support – financially, in-kind, and other services – to the underprivileged members in the society without any discrimination, and while preserving their human dignity and self-respect.

Our Mission

“To Shape The Future Of The Underprivileged Communities By Promoting Health And Development.”

  • Urgent Response Services: Provide medical care, food, water, shelter, clothing, child-family reunification, and other critical/basic human needs related services to those individuals who cannot afford or access them otherwise.
  • Community Support Services: Empowering deprived, vulnerable and marginalized low-income individuals and communities trough various community-based interventions including:
    1. Supporting affordable and accessible skills development and education systems and programs for children and youth.
    2. Supporting development of safe drinking water schemes.
    3. Supporting development of sanitation and sewerage systems.
    4. Supporting livelihood support programs for lowest income individuals particularly women or children heading households, widows and orphans.
  • Continuous Professional Development
    1. Enhancing teaching and training that will inform and underpin intellectual innovation and change.
    2. Promote advancement in educational and research mandate.
    3. Foster and develop leadership capacity through its education and research programs.
    4. Engage in knowledge through networking and use of emerging technologies.

Core Values
Shifa Foundation believes in the following values:

  • Transparency (Amanah) and Accountability:
    We believe that we are responsible for satisfying our donors through providing them with the timely updates on the utilization of their charity, as well as its impact on the beneficiaries. We consider ourselves accountable for our intentions (Niyyah), words and subsequent actions, to first and foremost Almighty Allah SWT, the donors who bestow their trust on us, and the potential beneficiaries.
  • Dignity and self-respect:

We believe that the best amongst the humans are the ones with the best of Faith, Taqwa and good deeds; hence, we affirm, that the beneficiaries of our services are no less dignified and respectful than either us or our donors/partners or our volunteers due to their financial or other social conditions.

  • Collective responsibility:
    We believe that to serve the growing ailing population globally, Shifa Foundation must establish partnerships with donors who share Shifa Foundation’s believes and values.
  • Quality:
    We continuously challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater


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