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“From farm to plate, keep it safe” Shifa Foundation Observed World Health Day in Umerkot

by shifafoundation


Nutritious food play a very vital and lifesaving role. Unclean and insecure food by bacteria, viruses, bugs, or injurious chemicals causes over 200 diseases, from diarrhea to cancer. To raise awareness and promote preemptive action throughout the food chain, Shifa Foundation Celebrated World Health Day in Umerkot, Sindh on April 07, 2015. “From farm to plate, keep it safe” is this year’s slogan for World Health Day, observed by Shifa Foundation in Umerkot, Sindh at District Health Office. Representatives of different government departments and NGOs, and community members participated in large numbers. Shifa Foundation established information and awareness raising center, displayed various banners, charts with key Community based Management of Acute Malnutrition, health & hygiene messages, Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) tape, referral slips and food items including Wheat Soya Blend, Vegetable Oil, Acha Mum supplementary food at its stall. Community members and representatives of health department valued Shifa Foundation efforts in Thar. They were briefed about CMAM activities and progress in 27 Union Councils of Umerkot. District Health Officer appreciated Shifa Foundation’s team for working at the grass root level and continuing its hard work. According to WHO, Food can become polluted at any point in the food chain, so everyone along that chain must take measures to keep food safe—from producers to processers, retailers and consumers. In the home and in food establishments, proper handling of food can be assured by observing “five keys to food safety”: Keep clean. Separate raw and cooked. Cook thoroughly. Keep food at safe temperatures. Use safe water and raw materials.




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