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Celebration of Malaria day in Union Council Sabhoo District Umerkot

by shifafoundation


An event was organized in UC Sabhoo, District Umerkot, in relevance with the World Malaria Day, which is celebrated on April 25th every year. The local community of UC Sabhoo was informed about Malaria, its spreads and prevention. The aim of this event was to raise awareness among the local community about the perils of this disease. Malaria is a dangerous disease, which spreads through a particular type of mosquito. Its Signs & symptoms include fever and chills, Headaches, vomiting, fatigue, general weakness and body aches. Malaria can be prevented through the use of insecticidal nets; indoor residual spraying with insecticides; application of insect repellents and by covering exposed skin and shoes to avoid mosquito bites.



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