What Is Shifa Foundation?

Shifa Foundation is a not for profit organization based in Islamabad. The organization was established in 1991 as part of the vision of the founders of Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. to cater to the needs of the deserving population.

Who are the people behind Shifa Foundation?

Shifa Foundation is registered through the Societies Registration Act of 1860 (Act XXI) and is steered by its board of governors. For details please see more sections of this website.

What percentage of the money that is collected by Shifa Foundation, goes to the actual service delivery?

Shifa Foundation has various resource channels that provide revenue to run its administrative cost. Therefore, the money it collects through donations is utilized entirely towards service delivery.

Where does Shifa Foundation receive its funds from?

Shifa Foundation receives its funds from various individual donors, partner organizations and through fund raising activities.

Do the directors derive any monetary benefit from the Foundation?

No. In fact, the directors are also actively involved in its charity causes and thus contribute both financially and through in kind donations.

Do all expenses related to traveling, holding of dinners to promote/propagate Shifa Foundation cause come from donations?


How long will the services run on charity/donations? Is there a self-sustaining system?

Shifa Foundation is already working on sustainable means to ensure service delivery and has successfully sustained at the very least its own administrative cost. Further activities have been planned to cater to its direct beneficiary related activities as well.

How can we be of help to the cause?

There are numerous ways supporters may help Shifa Foundation’s Programs. We can only suggest a few, but you may be able to find many more ways to help. You can personally contribute or raise funds, both in kind and financial. You can also help by spreading awareness about Shifa Foundation.

Who bears the expenses of the secretariat, that is, the staff?

Expenses of Head office and the Regional/Area Offices are borne by Shifa Foundation itself through its various resource channels.

How can you ensure that your system is being implemented as planned?

Shifa Foundation has a fully integrated and independent Monitoring and Evaluation department that ensures compliance to policy/ procedure as well as constantly evaluates the programme against set targets and operational plan.

When was healthy media established?

Healthy Media was established in 2012, as part of Shifa Foundation (a Non-Government, Non-Profit Organization).

What areas does healthy media work in?

Public health awareness videos, Event coverage, 3-D Animations and Educational videos.

What is the ideology behind establishing media department for Shifa Foundation?

To  be  acknowledged  as  the  most  efficient,  first  hand  source  of  information  and  leading media services  provider in  Pakistan,  with sole  cause  to  support  the  humanitarian,  social  and developmental  services  by  dedicating  its  earnings  as  endowment.

What type of equipment does healthy media have?

Healthy Media is equipped with state of the art equipment which has substantially improved quality in documentary and general video production, post-production editing , 2D and 3D graphics, special effects, print campaigns, advertising, seminars, conferences, training and event coverage.

What has healthy media produced so far?

So far, 52 in-house event coverage and 25 documentaries on different areas, have successfully been produced by Healthy Media. This has been accomplished with the help of a dedicated team which specializes in developing 2D and 3D graphics, adding special effects and editing videos/documentaries/reports.

What type of health awareness videos has Healthy Media produced so far?

The themes covered by Healthy Media are Guidelines for new mothers, Patient’s rights in healthcare settings, and Public Hygiene. Information on diseases such as Pneumonia, Stroke, Cancer, Diabetes, Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Liver Transplant has also been covered.

What types of events has healthy media covered so far?

Healthy Media has filmed events such as Liver transplant anniversary, Toastmaster, Surgery kidney transplant, Surgery prostatectomy, Masterclass in emergency medicine, Multi-organ transplant conference/press conference, Town hall meetings, etc. for different organizations.

What type of 3D animations has healthy media produced so far?

Healthy Media has produced 3-D animated videos on hand wash, liver transplant, heart transplant and angiography.

What type of educational videos has healthy media produced so far?

Healthy Media has taken the responsibility of elevating the standards of education in Pakistan. For this purpose, Healthy Media has done the coverage of trainings conducted on Human Resource Management, Nursing, Pharmacy and JCIA and many more, based on medical education such as Training sessions for pharmacy staff, Nursing management, Current challenges of MICU, Workshop on mental health services in developing countries, Learning & time management, Awareness of blood donation, Quality risk management, Communication skills and Basic infection control practices.

Has Shifa Foundation been registered under any law?

Yes, Shifa Foundation has been registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 since December 21, 1991.

Does Shifa Foundation have functional governing body and do they meet regularly?

Yes. Shifa Foundation has a functional and operational governing body which comprises of seven (7) board members at present. The governing body meets at least twice every year, however at times more than two meetings are called to discuss some specific agenda. The minutes of the meeting are properly recorded and distributed among the board members preferably within a weeks’ time.

Has Shifa Foundation prepared organizational policies which are accessible to employees as well?

Shifa Foundation has prepared and duly approved policies for Accounting, Procurement and Human Resource. All actions taken are aligned with the policies. Moreover, the said policies are available on Shifa Foundation’s portal so that all employees can easily access the policies whenever required.

Are salaries and compensation packages given in accordance to employee’s position in the organization? Is there any written policy?

Shifa Foundation has a transparent and unbiased salary package structure, which inculcates the hierarchy of the Foundation as well. The hierarchical salary structure is accessible to employees in Human Resource policy, which gives a clear picture of career progression to the employees along with the salary packages.

Does Shifa Foundation gives equal opportunity to females in terms of recruitment, responsibilities, training and development?

Shifa Foundation has equal opportunity employers, where females are given equal opportunity during hiring. Females are given similar salary packages as males and are delegated equal work responsibilities. The selection of employees for training is solely based on their competencies irrespective of their gender.

Are Shifa Foundation’s employees aware of their duties and responsibilities in the organization?

At the time of joining, all employees are given contracts which inculcate their duties and responsibilities under the head of job description. Therefore, all employees are well aware of their duties when they enter the organization.

Does Shifa Foundation maintain formal communication with other organizations working in the same area?

Yes. Shifa Foundation’s program staff frequently attends cluster meetings.

Has Shifa Foundation expanded its outreach programs?

Yes. Shifa Foundation has continuously increased scope of its outreach programs in geographically difficult areas of Pakistan. Shifa Foundation is constantly providing services in remote areas of Pakistan including Umerkot, Mirpurkhas, Shaheed Benazirabad, Astore, Ghanche, Gilgit and many more.

Does Shifa Foundation periodically prepare and disseminate its report to keep its stakeholders updated?

Yes. Shifa Foundation prepares annual reports and project reports which are available on the website to keep the stakeholder informed and updated regarding Shifa Foundation’s programs and activities.